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Daphne Allen in Pharmaceutical Packaging on October 24, 2016



The Mettler Toledo XS2 MV TE checkweigher performs four different brand protection and product safety functions. The system completes accurate checkweighing of packages weighing up to 300 g, then prints 2-D DataMatrix codes and verifies their presence and legitimacy, and prints unique item serial numbers for regulatory compliance. It then applies tamper-evident seals and visually inspects their presence and positioning with machine vision. Products not completely complying with any of these processes are rejected into locked bins to ensure they do not proceed and potentially enter commerce. DataMatrix and serial number codes can be printed using ink-jet or laser printing and verified by machine vision inspection immediately after printing. The XS2 MV TE has been designed to function with a wide range of available marking and camera systems to give end-users the option to choose components from suppliers already approved as “trusted partners.” The system also features very precise mechanical product handling units and extremely reliable marking, verification, and sorting devices that have been designed to process high production volumes with no negative effect on existing line operating equipment effectiveness and overall line efficiency. In addition, all components, including checkweighing, ink jet printing or laser marking systems, high-resolution verification cameras, mechanical transfer units and sorting devices, have been finely tuned to work in perfect unison to meet global serialization, E-Pedigree, and Track & Trace legal requirements and specifications. Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed,

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