Contrasting supplement packaging is naturally on-trend

Rick Lingle in Nutraceuticals on January 14, 2016

A pair of product introductions in the nutritional supplements market demonstrate a sharp contrast in packaging approaches in literal black (PCN) and white (Jovium) that both show how brand owners are offering healthier alternatives to consumers using different approaches.  


Growing at rate of 7% yearly and estimated to reach $175 billion globally by 2020, the market for nutritional supplements is fueled by interest in personal health using non-prescription methods as an avenue to better improved health. We take a look at two contrasting introductions in this market that couldn’t be more different: One a large, dark-pigmented PET bottle containing a powdered plant protein that targets an active lifestyle market, and the other a line of capsules packaged in a small white HDPE bottle with a design scheme that underscores the science behind the natural supplements.

First up is Pure Charge Nutrition (PCN), a two-product line plant-based supplements that were launched in July into what Las Vegas-based PCN president  Igor Mihajlovic calls a “strong, plant-based supplements market.” These products look to distinguish themselves as “one of the best tasting, cleanest and with the fewest number of ingredients,” he says. “It ties into healthy living, healthy eating, active lifestyle, sports and fitness, clean and safe supplements for all ages.”

Mihajlovic responds to our question related to the 2-product line for PNC.



How does the packaging design address this market?  

Mihajlovic: Modern, unique packaging represents a new way of looking at the plant-based supplements. Plant proteins are energizing, filling, purposeful, cool, delicious, and far from being used only by vegans.

Most packaging designs in this market are boring, unattractive, white in color and overdone in green color and leaves.  This inspired us to go into a completely opposite direction to deliver a bold, modern, eye-catching design that represents a new age of sports, fitness and health oriented enthusiasts. 

The name Complete Plant Protein reflects the product’s proposition that pure ingredients that form a clean product to charge all natural nutrition-lifestyle.

The products offer great taste and mix easily. The product holds 30 servings in the smallest possible container in order to reduce plastic usage-waste, and still deliver a full month of protein supply.

The 1.98lb cocoa and 1.85 vanilla bottles are blow-molded by PET Plastics.

More flavors than the two initial products, dark cocao and vanilla bean, have been formulated and will be introduced in the near future.

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Alfredo Nudman, MD, ,president, Advanced Nutraceutical Research Corp., responds to our questions related to Jovium, a condition-specific, 3-product line from Nutritional Products International.

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