10 packaging trends and news rockin’ 2018 (so far): Page 3 of 10

in Optimization on July 12, 2018

8. 5 top packaging developments in May 2018

You love lists! Every month our review of top articles from the previous month generates high interest. In June, you particularly found value in the stories we posted in May. What were they, you might ask? We covered a couple new packages from major brand owners L’Oréal and 7-Eleven, sustainable designs and snacking trends.

5. L’Oréal’s paper bottle: easy on the earth but tough in showers (a water-proof paper package?! Yep!)

4. 5 packaging design trends on the way out in 2018 (this one is a real winner, having appeared on every top list since it was posted in late December 2017)

3. 8 sustainable packaging hits of 2017 (get used to seeing this one because you’ll see it again at the #2 spot in this half-year top 10 list)

2. 7-Eleven tests self-chilling can for new cold coffee (well…hello, self-chilling can…Packaging Digest also posted an earlier article about the technology behind the 7-Eleven can and that article appears in the top 10 list at #6)

1. Chew on this: Packaging trends for new sweets and snacks (this popular article was also #1, based on page views, for the month of June—two months in a row! And you’ll see it again at #3 in our half-year top 10 list)


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