10 packaging trends and news rockin’ 2018 (so far): Page 9 of 10

in Optimization on July 12, 2018

2. 8 sustainable packaging hits of 2017

At the end of each year, we take another look back to analyze what’s happened over the last 12 months—and why—and create our top lists of the year in various categories. In 2017, we looked at the top packaging design-related news, the top healthcare packaging topics, the top packaging production trends, the top ecommerce packaging developments , the top food and beverage packaging articles and the top articles about sustainable packaging.

This last list has enjoyed ultra-high readership, which is not too surprising considering how critical sustainability is today for most consumer packaged goods companies. Here are the items on this list:

8. First fully recyclable shampoo bottle made with beach plastic points to new plastics economy

7. McCormick’s recipe for packaging that’s more sustainable

6. Is 100% recyclable flexible packaging possible?

5. Sustainable packaging is more important than ever

4. Ahh…Coke refreshes its sustainable packaging strategy

3. Are refill stations the answer to packaging waste?

2. How sustainable are biodegradable and plant-based plastics?

1. 5 exciting, emerging sustainable packaging materials to watch in 2016


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