12 amazing articles for packaging pundits in 2015

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Optimization on December 22, 2015

Journalists are supposed to remain objective. But here’s a little secret…we do have our favorite articles. They could be those stories we know resonated with our readers (we love making you happy!), or were fun to do or amazed us because of the significance of a new development or technology.

To come up with my “faves” list, I sorted all our articles by page views to see if what you liked would influence me—it’s human nature to find commonalities. In some cases it did. But this “2015 hot articles” list also held a few surprises.

Three articles from earlier years appeared in the top 35: “Marijuana packaging: Beyond the baggie” from April 2014 scored well at #11; the June 2012 timeline “History of BPA” hit #34, followed immediately with the October 2013 article “The undeniable influence of kids” at #35. This proves the enduring value of well-crafted content about topics that interest or concern you.

Before I get into my list of 2015 picks, here’s another end-of-year list. It’s the list of all our end-of-year lists, in case you’ve missed them, which gives you a great total overview of packaging’s trek this past year:

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Now, I present a dozen of my favorite articles from 2015, the ones I’m most proud of out of about 500 total, starting from the bottom and working up to #1…drum roll, please.


#12. Seasonal packaging designs do a great job of selling, logically and emotionally, by connecting with consumers while they are in a certain mindset. At the end of summer, I took a couple field trips to local stores to see how brands were taking advantage of the back-to-school season. These six packages stood out (see photo above) as most compelling to buy, based on their graphics.


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