3D printing on-trend in packaging in 2014

By Rick Lingle in Optimization on December 22, 2014

2014 was a 3D printing kind of year judging by the interest and popularity of our postings on the topic throughout the past 12 months. As a review, here are our six articles involving 3D printing, all of which scored very well based on our website analytics—proving that an extra dimension adds interest. The articles are revealed on reverse order, starting with #6, which involves a bioplastic printing material, thus merging two hot topics in packaging.


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6.  Ladies and gentlemen, please “starch” your 3D print engines.                       


5. 3D printing corralled in Fort Worth.                                                                                 


4. Showtime is 3D printer time.                                                               


3. Packaging vendor uses 3D printing as an engine for growth.                                     


2. 3 ways packaging lines can use 3D printing to save time, materials and money.


1. This packager took 3D printing to a new level: It uses the technology  for every biodegradable jar it makes sold at retail.             


We would welcome hearing about your company's 3D printing advances in packaging at any time, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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