5 (and a half) packaging trends of 2016

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Optimization on December 21, 2016

As we count down the days left in 2016, and before we look ahead to next year’s trends, let’s take a look at what we predicted would drive many of your packaging decisions in the last 12 months—from ecommerce needs and the influence of Millennials to the digital revolution and personalization.

Of the dozens of packaging trends that we’ve published at PackagingDigest.com over the last year, here are the ones that scored the highest with the global packaging community, based on page views.

We start with our No.5 trend and work our way up to No.1.

Why five and a half trends, you may ask? We covered trends in food and beverage packaging in two separate articles, each of which got a lot of attention as the No.1 and No.2 articles in this list. So I figured two articles about the same one topic should be worth 1.5 trends. (This is how some editors do math, by the way, in case you ever wondered.)

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Trend 5: Ecommerce grows through “unboxing” experiences and “shares”

In his article “5 ways packaging designers can capitalize on the ‘unboxing’ trend,” marketing consultant Adam Wormann says the experience of an individual unboxing their new purchase should be on the mind of every consumer product professional engaged with packaging in any way. Why? Because unique and/or premium packaging helps you stand apart from competitors and encourages social sharing of your brand, which means free advertising. Plus, giving consumers a fond memory of your product means they are more likely to buy from you again.

Wormann goes on to succinctly enumerate his advice on how packaging designers can capitalize on this trend:

1. Leverage Custom Printing: Your packaging should represent who you are, far beyond just your logo.

2. Use Unique Shapes and Sizes: Memorable packages elicit a positive emotion.

3. Select Memorable Packing Material: Think through creative options in materials for a personalized, memorable experience.

4. Go Green: Create a minimalist packaging experience in the interest of environmentalism.

5. Surprise and Delight: Nothing says more to a customer like going beyond what is expected.


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