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Lisa Pierce in Optimization on December 21, 2016

Trend 4: Digital technologies continue to revolutionize packaging

Like any transformation, the digital revolution in the packaging industry brings opportunities and challenges. Packaging Digest, in partnership with Videojet Technologies, assembled experts in packaging insights for a roundtable discussion to answer the question: “Where is the digital revolution headed next in packaging?

Among the topics covered were serialization, track-and-trace, customized/personalized printing, the Internet of Things (IoT), global connectivity and smartphones.

Quotable quotes from our experts:

“Packaging machines currently are taking advantage of different types of sensors that can acquire more information from the equipment. That’s much more economical to do now.” — Jorge Izquierdo, vp, market development, PMMI, The Assn. for Packaging and Processing Technologies

“The value of any individual piece of information is miniscule. It only has value when we look at a massive quantity and start picking up patterns.” — Dirk Rodgers, principal, Dirk Rodgers Consulting

“[Packaging] machines don’t need to worry about languages. Technically, when you put a digital code on something, it doesn’t care about whether it’s French or German or Russian or English. It knows what that code is and it interacts seamlessly across the globe.” — John Nobers, Videojet’s director, Systems Solution Group

“If direct package printing evolved quickly enough, it could eliminate digital label printing. So there is a bit of race going on right now.” — Scott Biondich, president, Packaging Innovation & Design

Regarding food traceability: “We don’t yet know what the future holds specifically for the food industry. But I think we’re going to see more impetus from consumers, who expect more.” — Eric Davis, Videojet’s national sales manager

Regarding recalls: “If companies have supply chain visibility, they know exactly where to find the products they are looking for.” — Jim Kerper, Videojet’s sales manager, North America, Systems Solution Group


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