5 (and a half) packaging trends of 2016: Page 3 of 5

Lisa Pierce in Optimization on December 21, 2016

Trend 3: Millennials prompt packaging designers to blaze new paths

Millennials mean business—literally. Attract this major buying group and you’ll probably see a lift in sales.

So what does this generation—often defined by their craving for instant gratification—expect or demand? And how do you create packaging that appeals to them? Briana Long, a Millennial herself and trade show marketing manager at PMMI, The Assn. of Packaging and Processing Technologies, offers five factors in her article “The Millennial factor: How a generation of consumers is transforming today’s packaging lands.”

1. To be honest,what does this brand say about me? Millennials want to feel a personal connection with their preferred brands.

2. Don’t be basic: Customize. Millennials expect to have input into the brands they buy across nearly every industry and every part of the world, which is why they gravitate toward customized packaging.

3. Affordability for the whole squad. Economic factors play a major role in determining what products price-conscious Millennials are willing and able to buy. However, Millennials still seek high-quality, reliable products that speak to their goals for socio-economic status.

4. Branding is valued before anything else (BAE). Millennials have proved to be receptive to high-end private label branding as retailers experiment with new lines of affordable but high-quality products that are packaged like private or exclusive brands.

5. Branding in the #DigitalAge. Social media proficiency is essential when attempting to capture a Millennial audience. Connect directly with them on-pack via hashtags (#) and QR codes.

Bottom line, according to Long: “Millennials, a generation that demands more from the brands they purchase, are setting the precedent when it comes to the most innovative products and packaging. By understanding their influence—and applying the right packaging solutions—companies can better keep up with the pace of change.”


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