5 (and a half) packaging trends of 2016: Page 4 of 5

Lisa Pierce in Optimization on December 21, 2016

Trend 2: Beauty care packaging gets personal

Packaging Digest shares insights from veteran designer Scott Jost, who leads Berlin Packaging's Studio One Eleven  division, about the latest consumer trends and their impact on packaging design for personal care products and cosmetics in the popular article “Beauty care packaging trends: it’s all about ‘me’.”

Smart packaging, for example, lets users tailor a product to meet their individual needs. And once consumers experience the ability to customize, they can’t imagine going back to a world without personal choice.

Technology, such as 3D printing, is helping make this possible. As Jost explains, “This sort of flexibility has shaved weeks and months off of development timelines and helped us advance the client decision-making process via more and better information earlier in the development cycle.”


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