5 hot summer hits of packaging trends and tech

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Optimization on August 10, 2017

Popular mid-summer packaging topics involve analysis of Amazon’s latest move in ecommerce, a new package from Quaker Oats, trends in smart packaging, new technology for beverage bottles and a list of careers in packaging to consider.

Come revisit the five articles the global packaging community found most compelling on PackagingDigest.com in July 2017:

#5. New tech reshapes aluminum beverage bottles

#4. Quaker Overnight Oats packages simplicity

#3. 4 areas where smart packaging excels

#2. 10 hottest careers in the consumer packaging industry

#1. What Amazon buying Whole Foods might do for ecommerce packaging


#5. New tech reshapes aluminum beverage bottles

Did you know that shaped aluminum beverage bottles don’t have to be symmetrical anymore? Brands can stand out in a package that breaks away from the rest of the round-bottle crowd with proprietary and patented uShape technology from Montebello Packaging.

The recyclable aluminum bottles can be:

• shaped with flutes, embossing, debossing and various fine details.

• printed with the customer’s artwork in up to nine colors using a high-quality dry-offset printing. A variety of visually striking print effects are available, including matte and gloss finishes, metallic and specialty inks, and an assortment of base coating options.

• capped using a roll-on pilfer-proof (ROPP) closure.

The product is currently available in one base diameter, with hot-fill or ambient-fill volumes of 250mL/8 fl oz to 355mL/12 fl oz depending on the shape and other requirements.


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