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Lisa Pierce in Optimization on August 10, 2017

#3. 4 areas where smart packaging excels

“By reinventing packaging as a fully interactive customer engagement tool, packaging could be elevated from a simple functional relationship to providing a useful and valued service,” says author Ian Lifshitz, vp of sustainability and stakeholder relations for the Americas for Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP).

Here’s how:

Content—give consumer access to additional information and or valuable coupons through quick-response (QR) codes or near-field communication technology.

Replenishment—tell consumers when they are running low so they can reorder before all the product is gone, gone, gone.

Expiration—food safety and food waste converge here with smart packages that can prompt consumers to use up food before it reaches its end of life.

Authentication—is this product the real thing? Reassure your customers that it is and that it hasn’t been tampered with.


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