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Lisa McTigue Pierce in Optimization on August 10, 2017

#1. What Amazon buying Whole Foods might do for ecommerce packaging

A trio of analysts told Packaging Digest how ecommerce packaging might change—especially for fresh foods—because of Amazon’s game-changing acquisition of Whole Foods.

First, they explore the business strategy:

Dan Wilkinson, chief commercial officer of 1WorldSync, a multi-enterprise, global product information network, says, “With Whole Foods’ brick-and-mortar stores and Amazon’s powerful ecommerce technology, the company has effectively solved the last-mile fulfillment barrier that has prevented widespread consumer and retailer adoption of omni-channel grocery.”

Scott Deutsch, president of Ehrhardt + Partner, North America, a global provider of warehouse management systems (WMS)/warehouse control systems (WCS)/voice solutions, looks at the competitive landscape: “In Whole Foods, Amazon obtains a high-end grocery chain with actually a limited market footprint, but room probably for greater operating efficiencies and thus the potential for lower and more competitive market pricing.”

Stephen Kaufman, chief product officer of BLUE Software, a label and artwork management solutions provider, sees new experiences on the horizon that blend online and in-store: “Whole Foods’ supply chains only span a few counties for some products based on ‘buy local’ sentiments. Amazon will find a way to bind these micro-chains to online fresh shopping, while simultaneously leveraging the in-store experience with the same consumer.”

Then the experts consider the packaging implications:

Kaufman: “Inexpensive environment monitors can be added to shipping crates so that Amazon can have data from “store to door” regarding in-transit humidity, temperature, direct sunlight, barometric pressure, and even radiation and exposure to noxious chemicals. These technologies will help ensure that delivered fresh food is safe and has been reliably transported.”

Wilkinson: “Amazon will likely benefit from Whole Foods’ focus on environmentally friendly initiatives—such as reusable shopping bags and eco-friendly products—in regards to delivery methods and packaging.”

Deutsch: “I would not be surprised to see Amazon and Walmart challenge the status quo by providing sturdier bag packaging for same day shipping. I expect this would be possible because the shipping vehicle would likely be staged differently than how they ship product today.”

Read the full article to hear all their analysis.

In general, ecommerce is a hot topic with packaging professionals responsible for various functions. Packaging Digest recently polled webinar attendees on two areas to determine what, if any, best practices for ecommerce packaging are emerging. See what we found here.



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