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Lisa Pierce in Optimization on May 25, 2017

Strapping system uses ultrasonic sealing to secure pallet loads

The new USI-Sonixs side-seal strapping system uses the Sonixs ultrasonic sealing system to create strong seals with no smoke, no warm up time and low energy use. With a long system life, low operating costs and affordable replacement parts, the Sonixs strapping head can secure loads up to 1.8 meters wide (almost 6 feet) by 2.75 meters high (9 feet). It applies tension of 450 lbs to plastic straps (polypropylene or polyethylene) with up to 750 lbs breaking strength.

Available with operator-initiated or automatic cycling, the unitizer is often integrated into a conveyor line and indexes to meet the side of the load to be secured. It offers optional pallet void feed, underfeed or automatic through/underfeed.

See a video of the system’s operation here.

EAM-Mosca Corp., Booth 2829


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