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Lisa McTigue Pierce in Optimization on May 25, 2017

Inkjet printer increases efficiency with auto-clean function

The recently updated MK-U Series continuous inkjet printer has a unique auto-cleaning function that uses 70% less solvent yet ensures a deep cleaning. How? The system uses high-pressure pulsed jets of solvent to clean the ink path, nozzle, electrode plates and gutter all at once. No printhead disassembly or manual cleaning is needed.

Benefits of this system is using less fluids for lower cleaning costs. Also, minimizing exposure to chemicals is safer for employees. It is more efficient, too, because an operator can press the “clean” button and do other tasks while the system does the cleaning automatically.

You can see the Auto Shower Cleaning function at 0:14 seconds in this short product video.

Additionally, the system keeps track of when it is cleaned for any production reports.

Keyence Corp., EastPack 2017 Booth 3252


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