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Lisa Pierce in Optimization on May 25, 2017

Child-resistant closure performs for laundry pods

Not all performance improvements take place on packaging equipment. In partnership with cleaning products leader Church & Dwight, The Plastek Group developed a new 125mm-diameter squeeze-and-turn child-resistant closure for laundry pods that provides easy access to the contents, while ensuring proper child resistance and senior friendly access in accordance with ISO 8317.

The design team adapted the squeeze-and-turn closure, used for many years for drug packaging, to a package with a much larger diameter. Main benefits of this new design is ease of use, including for seniors, without sacrificing child resistant protection.

The consumer overrides a lug to unscrew the closure to gain access to the pods. Two offset tabs—separated anatomically—can be squeezed, even by smaller hands, to easily span the lug.

Watch the video here.

The Plastek Group, EastPack 2017 Booth 3003


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