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Lisa Pierce in Optimization on May 25, 2017

New 3D cobot packaging application shows performance flexibility

Robotics, in general, offer a high level of production flexibility due to their ability to be reprogrammed for a new task. Collaborative robots take that up a notch by also operating more flexibly in a plant environment along with fellow human workers.

Universal Robots will be demonstrating how its cobot arms have been used by integrator Robotic Vision Technologies to pick-rotate-and-place parts/products off a conveyor in 2.5D and onto a pallet or tray in 3D. RVT’s collaborative Vision Factory is a 3D product, and the demo will be showing both 2.5D and 3D.

What 2.5D means is a combination of 3-dimensional position (X, Y and Z) and 1-dimensional rotation (rZ). Essentially, 2.5D is a standard 2D solution with depth information, whereas the 3D solution finds an object’s location in all 6 degrees of freedom.

The system will be shown picking up randomly placed parts from a conveyor, rotating them and placing them in a moveable tray. Often times, packaging operations are presented with incoming product that is not well organized. This solves the issue when trays or pallets are not precise enough for the robot to blindly pick or pack.

With 2.5D depth information, the robot can just as easily find pieces that are stacked two to three high.

Universal Robots USA Inc., EastPack 2017 in co-located ATX East Booth 2529

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