Amazon, Coca-Cola and interpack spring ahead in packaging

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Optimization on May 02, 2017

The top ecommerce retailer in the U.S., the world’s No.1 beverage company and the largest packaging trade show on the planet all made waves last month with our global packaging community. New technologies for packaging designers at interpack and sustainable packaging strategies at Amazon and Coca-Cola were topics of three out of the five best-read articles on in April 2017, showing there’s good reason the trio leads in packaging.

In reverse order, our top five articles from April 2017 based on page views are:


5. “Ahh…Coke refreshes its sustainable packaging strategy”

Coke’s bio-based PlantBottle continues its evolution, as the company works on a commercial version of a 100% bio-based recyclable container. In this article, sustainable packaging lead Sarah Dearman gives Packaging Digest a preview of her SustPack 2017 keynote titled “The key role that sourcing plays in Coca-Cola’s new Sustainable Packaging Strategy and advancements in PlantBottle Packaging.”

Dearman cites partnerships with vendors as key to the package’s success. Could this be one of several examples of collaboration that Best Buy procurement manager (and SustPack attendee) Brent Ostrowski references in his video interview?


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