Amazon, Coca-Cola and interpack spring ahead in packaging: Page 2 of 5

Lisa Pierce in Optimization on May 02, 2017

4. “5 feats of phenomenal packaging insight in March”

March 2017 generated the highest number of total website page views in (at least) the last three years. We chock it up to record postings of some of the best packaging-related content on earth. You were so enamored with these popular articles on emerging packaging trends from the previous month that this “review” article earned a spot on the “top” list again for April.

In case you missed them the first two times around, we invite you to peruse these gems now:

5. “How to increase recycling of flexible packaging”

4. “The sustainability of ecommerce packaging is in question”

3. “4 snacking trends and their packaging implications”

2. “February flaunts 5 fabulous packaging design developments” (you love reviews of our top articles!)

1. “19 award-winning flexible packages trumpet holistic solutions”


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