Amazon, Coca-Cola and interpack spring ahead in packaging: Page 4 of 5

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Optimization on May 02, 2017

2. “Amazon on creating ecommerce packaging that’s great for all: customers, companies and the environment”

On April 14, I tweeted, “Tks @amazon for working w/me on exclusive article RE: ecommerce #packaging. Checking this off my bucket list!”

Tough questions provoked thoughtful replies from Brent Nelson, Amazon’s senior manager, worldwide packaging, Customer Packaging Experience (CPEX), on sustainability and heightening the consumer’s experience through packaging. A key takeaway from Nelson: “Our commitment is to drive adoption of right-sized, minimal packaging that protects against damage and is made from environmentally responsible materials.”

But I have to tell you…as good as this article is, the Amazon presentation at SustPack 2017 was better. In my opinion, it was the high point of the conference, which had many standout ideas along with superb networking. If you missed it, you really missed it.


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