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By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Optimization on August 08, 2019

SKU proliferation 

1. 6 packaging reasons SKUs are exploding

Consumers want so much product choice and sellers are making sure their products can be found/bought in as many places as possible. Is it any wonder that product manufacturers produce so many stock-keeping units (SKUs)?

In fact, 90% of brand owners say packaging is critical to their brand's success as they seek to adapt to an increasingly competitive landscape and rapidly changing consumer tastes, according to a survey by L.E.K. Consulting. Additionally, 75% of brand owners say they’re going to spend significantly more on packaging—and one-third of them will increase spending by more than 10%.

Packaging is contributing to the explosion of SKUs in product portfolios because of these key themes:

1. Convenience.

2. Premiumization.

3. Customization.

4. Healthy.

5. Green.

6. Ecommerce.

As veteran packaging professionals know, SKUs live a cycle of proliferation and optimization. Let’s see how long the growth will last before the inevitable consolidation happens. Anyone care to take a guess?



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