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DropAid optimizes the use of eye droppers

DropAid optimizes the use of eye droppers
DropAid helps center the dropper over the eye.

This ingenious add-on to a vial neck simplifies eye-drop application by helping position the dropper right over the user’s eye; it also assists bottle opening.

I always keep my eyes open for packaging innovation. A news release that awaited me today regarding an inventive add-on for eye droppers was coincidentally well-timed because I’ve been using lubricating eye drops for dry eyes the past few days. The experience reminded me how hard it is to have a high rate of success when something is positioned so close it blurs so you can’t really see exactly where it is. Plus there’s an element of nervous uncertainty in placing an object close to one’s eye knowing a liquid is about to descend from it.

My spouse recommended positioning my elbow against a doorway to help steady my arm. That helped a little, but it looks like packaging vendor Gerresheimer has come up with a better way to deliver those drops easily and right on target: The DropAid.

The DropAid is designed with a circular aperture that fits onto the eye-drop-bottle top and helps to open it with very little effort or pressure. If DropAid is placed vertically on the bottle neck with the crescent part clipped onto the open bottle, it can be rested firmly on the side of the eye so that the correct number of drops can be given.

You can read the full article at Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News.

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