Mrs. Dash reduces PET container weight by 25%

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Optimization on June 27, 2014

During a recent packaging redesign, Mrs. Dash brand owner B&G Foods improved profits (by a double-digit percentage), cut its container weight by 25% and saved in excess of 200,000 pounds of PET resin per year. The company realized these results by adjusting the package’s weight-bearing performance to optimize its top-load capacity.

It was a seamless change, in one important respect. Marty Schoch, director of B&G Foods’ global procurement, touts, “Despite a complete packaging overhaul, the bottle is not noticeably different to the consumer.”

Blow molder Meredith-Springfield Associates Inc. is able to produce more than 100,000 containers in a 24-hour production period for the Mrs. Dash product line. During development of the new Mrs. Dash container, the supplier created pilot molds and tried out different designs before coming up with the final structure.

The new extrusion blow-molded container is produced in one energy-efficient step, instead of the typical two-step preform-to-bottle blow molding operation. According to president/CEO of Meredith-Springfield, Mel O’Leary, Jr., “Our technology is the most energy-efficient method available. It goes from plastic pellets to finished bottles on one machine.”

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