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Muller's stretch wrap equipment features semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrappers and stretch film for easy operation and maximum up-time.

By manufacturing both stretch wrap equipment and stretch wrap film, Muller is uniquely positioned to provide you with a global system solutions for all of your stretch packaging needs. When combined with our factory direct service, Muller has the unmatched ability to help our customers optimize load containment and minimize film usage. For our customers, this eliminates potential finger pointing if issues arise, improves productivity and increases profitability.

In 2012, Muller introduced a new global stretch wrap equipment line which offers customers a broader line of stretch wrap packaging solutions, while simultaneously streamlining operations and better servicing customers. To support this effort, Muller teamed up with its counterparts in Europe, Haloila, to standardize and manufacture an equipment offering that is consistent worldwide. By joining forces, Muller is able to provide its customers with improved technology, a wider array of innovative equipment solutions, and a worldwide network of support. In addition, Muller’s operations in Montreal, Canada continues to focus on delivering innovative retrofits and cost saving enhancements to existing equipment installations. With the help of an extensive engineering team and talented manufacturing technicians, Muller has a proven history of developing distinctive machines and innovative options to satisfy some of the most difficult stretch wrapping challenges.

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Stretch Wrappers
We offer stretch wrap equipment featuring semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrappers and stretch film for easy operation and maximum up-time.
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