Packaging that simplifies use and increases branding

Rick Lingle in Optimization on June 02, 2015

Check out these three new optimized developments for zippered pouches, product dispensing and foodservice container lidding that make packaging easier to use while improving sustainability and branding.


We start with a new kind of paper lid for single-use foodservice containers (shown).


A first of its kind to be manufactured in North America, the new one-piece, fiber-based Paper Lids from International Paper are designed with sustainability, ease of use and branding options in mind.

On-trend where users show a strong preference for products and packaging made from renewable and sustainable materials, the single-use paper lids use less material, weighing up to 45% less than other paper lids. The fiber used in producing the paper lid and food containers meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Chain-of-Custody standards. The lids fit many of the high-quality paper food containers produced by IP’s Foodservice division.

For consumers on the go, hot or cold foods can be easily transported with a secure-fit top to protect against splashes, spills and leaks. A unique pleated design vents hot foods through the side to eliminate the need for top vent holes, which also means optimized billboard space for customized messaging and branding.

Economical unprinted versions are available, too.

Small quantities can be ordered online at


Next is a different kind of zipper that redesigns pouches…

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