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Lisa McTigue Pierce in Optimization on January 03, 2017

Packaging Digest and Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News have strived to be an indispensable resource for packaging engineers, executives, designers and developers responsible for creating successful packaging solutions for their consumer goods and healthcare products. While our mission of helping packaging professionals achieve higher levels of creative thinking, productivity and profitability has remained the same, the media landscape has changed profoundly.

We live in an on-demand culture where readers want to be apprised of industry trends and technologies, and understand their impact through expert analysis. Many people also now rely on social media to keep up to date on news and trends as well as to connect with their community—whether professional or personal.

In line with this broader cultural trend, an increasing number of readers over the years have come to increasingly rely on our website, social media channels, digital presence and live events.

To meet the changing needs of our readership and expand our reach to include future generations of packaging innovators, we will be focusing the efforts of our content team solely online and on our PACK events starting in 2017. While this means you’ll no longer receive Packaging Digest or Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News in print, rest assured that you can still turn to the robust and active for the trusted industry reporting and analysis that have defined the Packaging Digest and Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News brands for decades. Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News serves as the pharmaceutical and medical device channel of


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