Productive engineers are (mostly) happy in their work

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Optimization on July 20, 2017

Would you keep working if money was not an issue? Chances are, if you’re an engineer, you would. A high percentage of engineers say they are satisfied or very satisfied in their jobs, and believe hard work is a key to success. They have a few challenges, though, like trying to keep up with rapidly-changing technologies.

The Advanced Manufacturing sector of UBM, parent of Packaging Digest, sponsored a study this spring to learn more about our engineering community. You can download results of the full study below to find out whether engineers identity more with inventors Tesla or Edison, and which superhero reflects their personalities most. You can also find out what they think about outsourcing, supplier competency, favorite social media platforms, most influential inventions and other current issues.

The following insights come from this research and are just some highlights I thought would appeal to our packaging engineers.


Happy workers

Most engineers (82%) are satisfied or very satisfied with the work they do. Only 5% are dissatisfied or not at all satisfied.


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