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Lisa Pierce in Optimization on December 13, 2018

Kao Smart Holder

4. Japan’s Kao Group makes sustainability look raku raku (‘so easy’)

In an exclusive interview with Packaging Digest, Michitaka Sawada, president/CEO of Kao Corp., tells us about the company’s sustainability philosophy, efforts and results.

Refillable packaging is among the successes this year, with all the company’s viscous products packaged in refills. Its BLP (bottle-like pouch) refills, which are designed for outstanding ease of use, are known in Japanese as raku raku eco pack, with raku raku meaning “so easy.” With the refill pouch, Kao has cut the amount of plastic waste from Kao personal care and household products sold in Japan by 74%.

These refills combine with the new Smart Holder, which enables the film-based pouches to be used as the primary product package.


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