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Lisa Pierce in Optimization on December 13, 2018

Pack Expo Food and Bev

1. Pack Expo 2018: 8 advancements in food and beverage packaging

Food and beverage represent the largest consumption markets of packaging. So it’s no surprise that any report about packaging innovation in this area gets attention from the packaging community, even from other quarters because new technologies often start here and then crossover into other product categories.

This octet of innovations seen at the recent packaging trade show is just a taste of what senior technical editor Rick Lingle unpacked while walking the 1.25 million net square feet of McCormick Place and talking with as many of the 2,500 exhibitors as time allowed.

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1. A barrier tray looks and feels like kraft paper, with the distinct advantage that it can be molded into packages that are recyclable.

2. An NFC tag is sealed and protected inside a polypropylene cap by the plastic liner, so brand owners can incorporate connectivity via their package without slowing down bottling line speeds with a secondary NFC-tag labeling operation.

3. Laminated holographic cartons—made from rollstock—can also be foil stamped and embossed, gaining consumers’ attention on shelf.

4. New and patented flexible valve technology provides controlled dispensing and spill-proof containment of liquids in flexible packaging. The discrete flexible valve yields when pressure is applied to the product compartment, enabling controlled dispensing. When squeeze-pressure is released, the valve reoccupies and closes the dispensing channel.

5. New Elite modified-atmosphere packaging (MAP) PET trays for fresh protein products (meats and poultry) use up to 95% post-consumer recycled content, are 100% recyclable into other plastic items and offer high-clarity—just 5% haze.

6. The Dromo PET bottle—engineered specifically for liquid or semi-viscous products sold through ecommerce channels—is a packaging concept similar to the Kao Smart Holder you read about in #4 of this November top-articles list. A reusable cartridge holds the lightweight Dromo bottles—a 16-ounce bottle weighs 9.6 grams versus an industry standard 39 grams—which have opposing flat-side panels that provide sidewall strength and facilitate stacking during shipping.

7. Designed to address consumer frustrations with opening protein powder packaging and other larger size canisters of granulated and powdered products, the 120mm BAP (Bonded Aluminum to Plastics) Olympian Closure has convenient pull-ring removal and an attached or separate overcap. Benefits include built-in tamper-evidence and tool-less easy opening for large containers.

8. The lowly bread bag reclose tag evolves into a mini branded billboard with new custom-printed products, providing branding and promotional opportunities of otherwise common closures for bagged baked goods, produce, confections and more.

9. Surprise! Always going the extra step for you, Lingle adds a bonus item with two dramatic examples of corrugated packaging creativity.




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