10 steps to successfully changing a packaging material

Tonna Anuligo in Packaging Design on October 17, 2017

There’s a good chance that as a packaging professional in the medical device or pharmaceutical industry, you’ll be faced with the chance—or the challenge—to change a validated material. Is your team prepared?

The best way to manage change, whether forced or voluntary, is to expect it, and manage it, according to the new SmartGuide from PMP News, “10 steps to successfully changing a packaging material.” Packaging experts from medical device and pharmaceutical companies share their perspectives on how to prepare for change.

As Dwane Hahn, Vice President of Sales for Rollprint Packaging Products Inc., explains, “Best-in-class packaging engineers ‘not only understand
the importance of deep insight into change management, they feel comfortable presenting the business case’ of a change. It’s all about demonstrable risk assessment and the impact to an organization’s bottom line.”

To help you feel comfortable with your next packaging change, whether driven externally or internally, we spoke with Hahn and other medical packaging experts for their strategies for success.

To learn more, please download the SmartGuide, 10 steps to successfully changing a packaging material, today!

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