12 design pieces that brought beauty to packaging in 2019: Page 6 of 12

By Jenni Spinner in Packaging Design on December 17, 2019


7. Pets star on new packages of Hill’s Science Diet pet food

People have strong, fond feelings about their pets. Hill’s Science Diet aims to capitalize on that by putting photos of beloved critters on its updated cat and dog food packaging.

The revamp impacted all of the brand’s food bags and cans—more than 2,000 stock-keeping units (SKUs). In addition to showcasing adorable canines and felines, the updated packaging also carried a message. A callout reading “Helped 9 Million Shelter Pets Find a Forever Home” highlights the company’s work in helping homeless animals.

The updated graphics include images of real food ingredients used in the recipes, like chicken. The packs also incorporate color coding to signify various product subcategories. The updated packaging continues the previous tradition of using a white background to convey the brand’s clinical attribute.


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Jenni Spinner

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