12 design pieces that brought beauty to packaging in 2019: Page 7 of 12

By Jenni Spinner in Packaging Design on December 17, 2019


6. Packaging in space!

In the half century since astronauts first walked on the moon, packaging engineers have helped contributed to our country’s space travels by designing and producing packaging capable of functioning on a NASA spacecraft. The Packaging Digest coverage includes stories from astronaut Jim Lovell and his tales of interacting with packaging while floating in zero-gravity conditions.

Additionally, we showcase packages of containers designed to withstand the rigors of space travel. According to Air Zoo exhibits and collections manager April Bryan, “One thing we learned through the research process is that companies like Del Monte, Crest and Stouffers made products for the astronauts. Crest definitely went into space. For Apollo 11, Stouffers helped feed the astronauts during their post-moon landing quarantine.”


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Jenni Spinner

Freelance writer and former Packaging Digest senior editor Jenni Spinner is a trade journalist with more than two decades of experience in the field. While she has covered numerous industries (including construction, engineering, building security, food production and public works), packaging remains her favorite.

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