12 design pieces that brought beauty to packaging in 2019: Page 9 of 12

By Jenni Spinner in Packaging Design on December 17, 2019


4.  Nike’s new green lobster shoe box tests packaging limits

There’s something fishy about Nike’s creative packaging for its Concepts x Nike SB Green Lobster Dunks shoes. Instead of housing the footwear in a traditional box, this package more closely resembles something you’d use to hold fresh seafood.

The limited-edition packaging for the collectible kicks features a thermoformed box topped with an acrylic sheet, designed to resemble the totes commercial fishing ships use to hold lobsters and other sea creatures. Wide rubber bands wrapped around the toes of the athletic shoes mimic the bands placed on lobster claws after the animals are caught.

The packaging was unveiled in December 2018 at retail events at Concepts International’s boutiques in New York City and Cambridge, MA. Dordan Manufacturing Inc. created the singular container.


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Jenni Spinner

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