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Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on April 11, 2017

5. New Vento coffee bag from Amcor Flexibles provides degassing without a hard valve or extra processing steps. Additionally, the film runs on existing filling machines, with no equipment investment required.

With built-in venting, this package allows coffee manufacturers to pack ground coffee or whole beans immediately after roasting to preserve the product’s best taste and aroma. And, by moving the venting to the back of the pack, brand owners can improve the product’s shelf appeal.

The package was test-piloted by six different customers to prove out the concept and generate real results. Among the benefits were less downtime and less production waste. For example, according to Amcor Flexibles, roasters running three shifts on one machine could save on average 280 hours of downtime and up to 10% annual cost savings due to increased production efficiency (depending on machine model and the type of hard valve being replaced).

One customer, leading Danish coffee producer Copenhagen Roaster, jumped at the chance to eliminate hard valves. “The process of applying hard valves always created some difficulty in production, so Vento came at just the right time,” says Søren Sylvest, co-owner of Copenhagen Roaster. “The pilot ran smoothly and the performance of the system is impressive; it does the job perfectly. We also loved that it allowed us to move our venting system to the back of the pack.”

Vento can be integrated on any of Amcor’s typical triplex laminates for coffee soft packs, and customized to meet a customer’s specifications.

Amcor Flexibles, Hall 9, Booth B15


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Hi, Great information on packaging designs. Thanks for sharing. This is very useful to my business accuratewindchimes.in