4 packaging designs that create high expectations for cannabis products

Kate Bertrand Connolly in Packaging Design on November 19, 2015

Branding and safety are now coming to the forefront for packaging of cannabis products, as the market for medicinal and recreational marijuana intensifies.


With Americans voting to legalize marijuana in a growing number of states, for recreational as well as medical use, demand for cannabis packaging design expertise is booming.

Dispensaries and brand owners with products ranging from marijuana flowers (buds) to THC-infused edibles and beverages—and the packaging designers and suppliers who serve them—are developing packages in a variety of formats.

Structural design musts include adherence to state regulations for marijuana packaging, particularly child-resistance, reclosability and ease of opening. Graphic design that creates a brand identity is also a focus for many in the nascent market. (Packaging for Auntie Dolores gourmet marijuana-infused edibles, for example, is both child-resistant and graphically sophisticated.)

Here are four examples of standout packages that help build brand affinity by emphasizing product quality and safety.


Putting a new spin on ‘brand elevation’

In the graphics for its IVXX cannabis products, brand owner Terra Tech Corp. uses lush color and copious amounts of black to create a luxurious look and feel. The IVXX Sampler Box (photo above) showcases three types of cannabis flower, each packaged in a one-gram bag. The boxed set also includes branded rolling papers and a lighter. Each packaging component is printed with the brand’s name and its tagline, “Elevate.” Anthem Worldwide designed the IVXX packaging.


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