4 ways packaging intensifies the shopper’s ‘unboxing’ experience

By Robert Lockyer in Packaging Design on November 27, 2019

As we approach the holidays, with the unboxing appeal on YouTube and Instagram and influencers driving consumers’ decisions to purchase, there is no doubt packaging is changing the face of ecommerce.

Shining the light on how high-quality packaging will deliver excitement after an anticipated delivery, what is it about unboxing videos that hook us as customers? Here are four ways packaging can power the “unboxing” event.


1. Use popular colors

Recently, the “in” color has been Millennial Pink, believed to be inspired by iconic director Wes Anderson’s use of pink in Grand Budapest Hotel or a variant of Apple’s rose-gold iPhone. Popular amongst younger influencers, it is commonly described as peaceful and pure, with an air of retro-kitsch.

Used by the likes of Acne Studios (above) and Glossier, present-day packaging incorporates this dusky pink, in the hopes of appearing on an influencer’s Instagram page. For if they do, their scope will expand to potentially millions of users.

Additionally, many brands are keeping their packaging simple and clean, to appeal to influencers who prefer clean palettes in their posts. This is evident in such brands as Gucci (below) and Céline.

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Robert Lockyer

At the heart of luxury packaging provider Delta Global’s worldwide enterprise is its enthusiastic and experiential founder and CEO Robert Lockyer. Working with some of the world’s most iconic brands—the likes of Tom Ford, Estee Lauder and Coach—he has a wealth of expertise and commitment to customer experience. Lockyer recognizes that the power of packaging and the theatrical edge to “unboxing” a product is an intrinsic part of marketing and branding when it comes to customer retention. An entrepreneur, Lockyer has almost three decades of experience in the packaging industry and seeks to break the mold of large corporations by thinking flexibly and actively developing exciting, brand-enhancing concepts. He is an expert in establishing a global business, leading innovation and building long-lasting relationships with high-profile brands and continues to steer the creative and connected thinking behind the growing enterprise.

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