5 exciting, emerging sustainable packaging materials to watch in 2016

Shane Bertsch in Packaging Design on February 24, 2016

Year over year, advancements in technology that impact the packaging industry become more innovative, robust, widespread and tangible. The outcomes of these new technologies sometimes leave lasting impressions while others fade with trial and error.

In terms of safety and sustainability measures though, technological advancements and innovations often play dual roles that counter inhibiting circumstances and propel new opportunities. In these advancements, we find some of the latest and greatest in what proves the packaging industry to be one of the strongest fields in leading innovation, sustainability and safety.

While we know packaging is often viewed and used as a vehicle for marketing tactics, its most obvious and critical role is to protect its product. Food packaging maintains proper temperatures, prevents exposure to bacteria, communicates information to consumers and enables retailers to track and trace to the original source. Packaging also promotes sustainability, both by protecting and enhancing the shelf life of foods (thereby reducing food waste) and by encouraging recyclability at its end of life.

Committed to connecting innovation to opportunity, suppliers and innovators are continually working with technology providers to bring creative, sustainable packaging solutions to market that help consumer packaged goods manufacturers, retailers and foodservice providers enhance the safety of their products, drive sales and delight consumers.

Here are a handful of recent innovations on the bleeding edge. It is only a matter of time before these new technologies are not only brought to market but become highly influential in various and competing packaging industries:


1. Sustainable Aqueous Barrier Coatings

New sustainable coatings improve any fiber products (by preventing moisture from penetrating the material and potentially contaminating foods) and present alternatives to laminated structures that, in contrast to those treated with new sustainable coatings, cannot be recycled. In sustainable practices, this is a major differentiator factor of this new technology (see photo above).


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