5 exciting, emerging sustainable packaging materials to watch in 2016: Page 5 of 5

Shane Bertsch in Packaging Design on February 24, 2016

5. Micro-Pattern Material Enhancement

Emerging technology transforms the surfaces of cups with micro-patterning. Without having any impact on graphic presentation, this new technology from Hoowaki not only provides improved grip, comfort and handling of hot beverages, but slows the formation of condensation and improves material performance characteristics without changing or introducing new chemistry.


Demands from the market are requiring more and substantial advances in technology, leading to greater innovation on numerous levels. Through each of the above, there are not only elements of more sustainable packaging that we continue to see this increased demand for, but also more regulatory requirements forcing companies to consider new alternatives.

The rate of technology change continues to challenge the industry. To stay relevant and efficiently effective, implementing new and innovative technologies into products and packaging will become a norm and a constant, evolutionary process alongside the also evolving regulatory implications and restrictions.

With this, we see not only from the advancements in the examples above, but from the continued innovation in packaging across all spectrums, the industry will continue to perpetuate its own need for transformative design, function, operation and technology.


Shane Bertsch, vp of innovation at HAVI Global Solutions (HGS), drives innovation across the organization by constantly looking at customer and market needs and creating opportunity platforms based on business and technology trends. Prior to joining HGS, he held packaging roles at Abbott Laboratories, Unilever and Stone Container Corp. Bertsch has a Bachelor of Science degree in Packaging from Michigan State University and a Master of Engineering Management degree from Northwestern University.



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