5 tips for using packaging to amplify new product success

By Drew Boyd in Packaging Design on August 05, 2015

In a matter of seconds, packaging can inspire a customer to buy your product—or not. Packaging is an important touch point because it may be the first physical encounter your customer has with your brand. It may also be the final impetus for buying your product. So make the last few moments of the purchasing decision matter by getting your packaging right.

Using five tips and tools from “Inside the Box: A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results,” marketers of consumer packaged goods (CPG) can help make packaging do some heavy lifting and increase the chances of new product success. Here’s how:


1. Find fusion: Creative marketers use a clever tool called fusion. Fusion links the packaging to both the product and the brand message in a way that communicates product value. Fusion creates a visual connection between the packaging, product and a metaphoric symbol.

To use fusion, describe the message you want the packaging to convey. Usually, this is the product’s value proposition. For example: “Orange juice that’s so good it tastes fresh squeezed.” Then, make a list of elements or symbols that are directly associated with your message. For the orange juice example, the list might include: whole oranges, orange peels, orange slices, orange wedges, orange trees and so on. Next, make a list of typical packaging components for your product. For example: container, labeling and spout. Finally, take one packaging component and design it to take on characteristics of one of the symbols.

The Juicy Juice orange wedges that connect into a ball (see image above), designed by Preston Grubbs, is an example of fusion.


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