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in Packaging Design on April 12, 2019

Nike Lobster box

4. Nike’s new green lobster shoe box tests packaging limits

A promotional limited-edition package for the new Concepts x Nike SB Green Lobster Dunks collectible shoes mimicked the design of totes used to hold live lobsters on commercial fishing vessels. Thermoforming expert Dordan solved several technical challenges—including rigidity and the box’s deep draw that pushed the limits of thermoforming technology—to deliver an engineered package within a mere five weeks.

According to Chandler Slavin, Dordan’s sustainability and marketing manager, overcoming the technical hurdles took “a deep awareness of the complex interactions between thermoform part design and production.” She says it was a matter of “understanding thermoforming, not as a hard science, but as an elegant dance between plastic, heat, vacuum and pressure.”


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