6 riveting reads about packaging this spring: Page 4 of 6

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on May 15, 2019

6 gold stars

3. 6 gold-star stories about packaging

Our compilations of the top articles of any given month are often high in the list of best-read articles for the next month, too. That’s the case here. In April 2019, packaging professionals reviewed these top articles from the month before:

1. Nestlé clarifies its sustainable packaging vision

2. Amazon chooses refillable packaging for Clean Revolution (Sound familiar? This was also the fourth best-read article in this list, for the month of April.)

3. Most food cans no longer use BPA in their linings (Spoiler alert! This is also the second best-read article for the month of April. See more on the following page.)

4. Nike’s new green lobster shoe box tests packaging limits

5. How digital healthcare and packaging benefit users

6. 5 packaging trends emerging in 2019


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