7 best packaging practices for cannabis marketers: Page 5 of 7

By Tom Newmaster in Packaging Design on August 02, 2019

5. Understand the consumer—know the generational cues

This means being mindful of the channels you deploy and the messaging you use. Boomers don’t like to be reminded of their age. Irony may work with Gen Xers, because of their cynical bent. Millennials, on the other hand, are all about authenticity, hence the move away from anything judged mass-produced to craft brands. When it comes to the support of legal cannabis, 62% of Americans are in favor, but that number jumps to 74% when you break out the Millennial demographic. When it comes to Gen-Z, they’ll be growing up in a world where cannabis is just as normal as social media is to Millennials.


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Tom Newmaster

Tom Newmaster is the founder of Central Pennsylvania-based FORCEpkg. He has more than 25 years of experience in branding and package design for consumer packaged goods. From 1998 to 2016, he was a principal and co-owner of WFM where he led creative and won awards for The Hershey Co., Pfizer, Stoner Car Care and Zippo. Newmaster has launched new products for Fresh Solutions Network, Koch’s Turkey, Klamath Basin Fresh Organics and Wolfgang Candy, to name a few. He has become a leading voice in the package and design industry and, more recently, a trusted source in the cannabis industry, as it relates to packaging and design. He serves as an adjunct instructor at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design.

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