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Packaging Design

7 Custom Fragrances Reside in 1 Refillable Package

Photo supplied by Judith Leiber Judith Leiber More is More For Him-ftd.jpg
With three cylinders each holding a different fragrance, this one package can dispense up to seven different scent combinations: (1) all three at once, (2) More Spices only, (3) More Marine only, (4) More Leather only, (5) More Spices + More Marine, (6) More Spices + More Leather, and (7) More Marine + More Leather.
Unique packaging for More is More! fragrances puts daily fragrance customization in the hands of consumers.

The package design for More is More! for Him, a new men’s eau de parfum from the Judith Leiber fashion brand, lets consumers customize the fragrance every time they use it. The refillable spray-bottle base holds three tubes of fragrance. Each can be switched on or off by swiping a slider.

The three fragrances in the package are More Spices, More Marine, and More Leather. In all, seven fragrance combinations are possible. Black stones inset next to the sliders decorate the package and indicate the direction to swipe.

All three fragrance tubes are in “off mode” to start. To create a custom spray for the day, the consumer activates one, two, or all three of the fragrances by moving the sliders from left to right until they click. Depressing the button on top of the package dispenses the mixture, with each fragrance spraying from its own nozzle.

Moving all the sliders back into the off position resets the package for the creation of a new custom fragrance.

See it in action in this video:

To refill the package, consumers use a provided “coin” to unlock the base of the package, remove the used tube of fragrance, insert a refill tube, and finally lock the base back in place using the coin. The More is More! for Him package is metallic blue with transparent blue fragrance tubes.

The men’s product launched in March 2021 and retails for $145. It follows the November 2020 release of More is More! for Her, which uses a metallic-gold version of the same package and features fragrances called More Gourmand, More Zest, and More Floral.

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