7 lucky new packages of 2016

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on December 06, 2016

From packaging designers and developers to engineers and executives, everyone involved in packaging likes to see the final product of their peers. Which new commercial packages gained the most interest of—and perhaps the respect of—our packaging community this year?

We continue our year-end review of top articles, based on page views at PackagingDigest.com, with a seven-step buildup of lucky new package launches to get to our No.1 packaging design of 2016.


7. Diageo’s Cannonball-themed package is the bomb

Drink up, me hearties! Pirate or not, any rum drinker will appreciate the intricate detail in Diageo’s Captain Morgan Cannon Blast package, from the round cannonball-shaped container and the textured shrink label that feels like an authentic rough cannonball to a red closure that mimics a blast cap and a hidden skeleton revealed under ultraviolet light. The consumer’s experience with the package touches multiple senses.


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It is not great design if it is not recyclable. Pouches are a bad way to go.
If it is not sustainable (recyclable) it is not great design. The trend toward pouches and other non-recyclables is a bad idea.