A honey of a bottle for Seinfeld film

January 29, 2014

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A honey of a bottle for Seinfeld film


Barry the Bee, the new star of the Dreamworks film, Bee Movie from Jerry Seinfeld, which opened in theaters in early November, may not like how humans use honey, but he probably loves his own 2-oz polypropylene bottle of the sweet stuff. “It's a very organic fit for the movie,” says Brent Barkman of Golden Heritage Foods, LLC, Hillsboro, KS, which produces Barry's Busy Bee Honey under a licensing agreement with Dreamworks. Golden Heritage, with honey-packaging operations in Latty, OH, designed the tiny bottle of honey to bear the image of the Barry character, which is printed on the eye-catching, heat-shrinkable film sleeve label. According to reports, Barkman didn't plan to strike any sweet deals with Dreamworks. It just happened. “Opportunities knock, and we saw an opportunity,” he notes. Golden Heritage, which won't reveal which company supplies the packages, has already produced over one million of the bottles for national distribution. The buzz is that the bottle is small enough to bring anywhere. It began flying out to Wal-Mart and other stores in October.

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