Airless pump dispenses anti-fatigue lotion

January 29, 2014

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Airless pump dispenses anti-fatigue lotion

Bottega Verde's Uomo Energy Power anti-wrinkle, anti-stress lotion formulation and Kelemata's Victor anti-fatigue cold cream have both recently reached European retail shelves utilizing the Prodigio™ package from Rexam's ( Personal Care Div. Described as an airless, neutral design suitable for delicate formulas, the 100-percent-recyclable lotion pump is designed with Rexam's patented CleanPoint&trade technology. Sleek, sculpted styling is built into the high-performance design. The Prodigio&trade dispenser is precision-engineered to provide unsurpassed cleanliness and shelf appeal. The Bottega Verde product was customized with a matching electric-blue actuator and tank, while the Kelemata cream package includes a black actuator and a green-labeled tank. The package also helps eliminate dripping, clogging and contamination, she says. The air-proof CleanPoint&trade dispensing technology features a mechanically-closed actuator channel that keeps the lotion exit point neat, clear and free of buildup. The mechanism primes and pumps products flawlessly and slides back after each actuation, preventing product return after contact with air or skin.

Fitted with PP and PE components, the CleanPointe&trade ensures that no elastomer or metal comes in contact with the lotion and cream. The dispenser emits a precise dosage of the viscous formulations, thanks to wider internal channels.

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