Asceptic Filler Chosen to Increase Flexibility for Bottler 10206

March 11, 2015

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Asceptic Filler Chosen to Increase Flexibility for Bottler

Spumador is pursuing its growth strategy adding a new aseptic line from Sidel.  This new packaging line is equipped with the new Sensofill™ FMa filler that offers greater product and format flexibility.

A producer and bottler of its own brands of mineral water and beverages, Spumador also offers packaging solutions to major international brands for an array of non-alcoholic beverages packaged in a wide variety of PET and glass packages.

Its diversified production capacity is quasi-unique throughout Europe, and Spumador is looking to develop that asset.  In fact, Spumador has just invested in its fifth aseptic line to increase flexibility so that it can handle more products in a wider variety of formats.
“We anticipated that we would need a facility able to handle a large number of products,” said Tullio Tiozzo, director of operations at Spumador. “So this new line was designed to achieve extreme flexibility and speed in format changeovers while maintaining all the high quality standards that are fundamental to aseptic lines. And we really do seem to have reached this objective.”

Extreme flexibility
This new aseptic line from Sidel has already been operating at the Sant’Andrea Bagni facility, producing 24,000 bottles per hour in seven different formats ranging from 0.1 L up to 2 L. 

At the heart of the line, and key to its extreme flexibility, is the brand new Sensofill™ FMa filler.  Spumador is the first manufacturer to use this aseptic filler especially designed to accommodate a wide variety of production runs.  Product and format changeovers can be performed without loss of sterility, which facilitates overall operations.  The Sensofill™ FMa also reduces losses during product changeovers, and cuts down water and APA consumption.

This new aseptic line is used to package still and neutral pH beverages in PET bottles.  Such products include sports supplements, iced teas, dairy- or soy-based beverages, 100% pure juices, fruit juice-based beverages with pulp, and beverages that are enriched with vitamins and other nutrients.  As for package flexibility, the line produces bottles with flat or sport caps in multi-layer PET and single layer PET with barrier coating, produced with reel-fed labels, wrap-around labels, and transparent or customized heat shrink labels.

Innovate so that customers can innovate
Spumador and Sidel, through its Simonazzi brand, have a long history together, with both companies working hard to promote progress in the beverage sector.  The first in Europe to package 100% pure juice in PET and a pioneer in PET packaging for beverages with a neutral pH, Spumador has enabled its customers to cultivate and grow new markets.  Many of these innovations were developed in partnership with Simonazzi.   In every instance, Simonazzi provided Spumador with new machines featuring the market’s latest and best technology.  The Sensofill™ FMa, first aseptic machine developed as a result of the Sidel/Simonazzi merger, is the latest example of this innovation-oriented partnership.

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