5 best-of-show winners in packaging for August

By Rick Lingle in Packaging Design on September 01, 2016

What’s been popular in packaging this past month? We reveal the Top 5 posts of August that include drones, marijuana, food and beverage packaging, beach reading, beer and fishing.

Congratulations, we have all made it through the “dog days of summer,” which refers to what is typically the hottest, most sultry period of the season. Appropriately we present the top dogs of August in this erstwhile best-of-show lineup of the best-read packaging articles at PackagingDigest.com over the past month.


Our list starts in reverse order, though in a rare turn rather than earthbound packaging we look to the skies above: That’s where drone package delivery is taking wing and sparking the imagination of retailers, consumers and everybody in between.

Amazon, Google, DHL and Walmart are all working on the supply chain of tomorrow, including package handling and delivery. And although the future looks somewhat different to each of them, all four know they want aerial drone technology to be part of it. Here’s what it means to packaging professionals.




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