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Kate Bertrand Connolly in Packaging Design on June 28, 2018

The top three winners in the 2018 Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) AmeriStar Package Awards competition use package-design ingenuity, engineering skill and materials savvy to address consumer needs, product protection and environmental issues.

Pretium Packaging won the Best of Show Award for its SureHandle PET container; Amway took home the Design Excellence Award for its Artistry Signature Select Personalized Serum system packaging; and The Coca-Cola Co. won the Sustainable Packaging Award for its 89-oz Simply beverage bottle.

Sixteen packaging-industry judges evaluated the 70 entrees in this year’s competition based on package innovation, economics, product protection, package performance, marketing and environmental impact. Visit the IoPP website to see all the 2018 winners.


Best of Show: Pretium Packaging’s SureHandle PET Container (see photo above)

Winning the Best of Show Award, for its large-format SureHandle container with integrated handle, was Pretium Packaging. The one-piece container is 100% PET and comes in 64-oz and 2-liter sizes.

Because the handle is part of the container, the package is easier for younger, older and physically challenged consumers to carry and pour from than pinch-grip and straight-wall alternatives.

“The integrated ergonomic handle/bottle technology is really the driving force behind the design of the SureHandle container line,” says Paul Kayser, president/CEO of Pretium Packaging.

The SureHandle container may be used for products with a fill temperature of up to 120-deg F, as well as for foods and beverages pasteurized via high-pressure processing (HPP). Potential applications include cold-pressed juices, sports drinks, dressings, marinades, honey and edible oils. The container can also be used for household and industrial chemicals, such as detergents.

Designed for mechanical strength, the containers can withstand stacking in multiple layers. Thus, they can be packed and shipped in shrink-wrapped trays rather than corrugated cases. By reducing secondary packaging materials, this format offers both an environmental benefit and financial savings.

And because the containers are made from a single polymer, they are easier to recycle than handled containers made from multiple plastics. “The handleware solution provides brand owners shelf differentiation and sustainable packaging attributes with its mono-material composition that seamlessly enters the recycling stream,” Kayser says. “The PET-only structure facilitates mainstream recycling.”

Unlike conventional injection-molded preforms, the SureHandle preform comes out of the mold with a solid handle integrated to its side wall. “We created proprietary enhancements to standard blow cavities to accommodate the preform,” Kayser explains. “We also addressed unique challenges, such as preform/handle positioning and blow-mold cavity design.”

Pretium licenses intellectual property from Practically Impossible Labs to manufacture the preforms and containers.


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