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Kate Bertrand Connolly in Packaging Design on June 28, 2018

Design Excellence: Amway’s Artistry Signature Select Personalized Serum package

Packaging for Amway’s Artistry Signature Select Personalized Serum system won the Design Excellence Award, which recognizes outstanding structural and graphic design integration. The packaging enables consumers to create customized skin-care products by mixing a base serum with concentrated amplifiers that address issues such as hydration and wrinkles. Consumers choose up to three of the five amplifiers to mix with the base serum.

The amplifiers and base serum are packaged separately. Consumers mix them at the initial time of use by twisting the amplifier cap onto the base serum bottle and then gently twisting the cap off the bottle. The second twist, which drives the contents of the nitrogen-pressurized amplifier cap from Vessl Inc. into the base serum, creates an audible effect and dramatic visual display (as seen in the photos). To use the mixed product, the consumer screws a supplied pump closure onto the base serum bottle.

“This package is unique in the industry, as it allows people the ability to customize their serum to meet their personal skin-care needs. One of the most innovative features of this package is the audible ‘whoosh’ as the product is dispensed from the amplifier cap into the base serum. This provides a signal to the customer that the product is fresh and special just for them,” says Kristi Pelc, director of beauty product development at Amway.

For product protection, the amplifier cap is airtight; the nitrogen inside the cap protects the amplifier formulas from oxygen and keeps ingredients fresh. The same nitrogen-pressurized technology has been used in the past for tea and for a nutraceutical, but not for beauty products—until now.

Amway’s cosmetics plant required new manufacturing equipment to assure correct orientation of the two closure subassemblies used in the serum packaging. The new line also includes stations for gassing the amplifier caps and snapping components together.

“Due to the complex nature of this new program, every aspect offered unique challenges,” notes Stephanie Swint, principal packaging engineer at Amway. The challenges included “integrating the pressurized technology from our external partners, balancing pressure and fill parameters for optimal performance and shelf life, installing a new manufacturing line, as well as navigating complex regulatory environment for global execution of a personalized skin-care system.”


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